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  • Fleeing Clarity

    February 1, 2016 | News
  • Fleeing Clarity
    A new reality for solo clarinet

    Electroacoustic audio-visual real-time responsive composition for solo clarinet


    Audio-visual performance of an electroacoustic composition created solely from the sounds of the clarinet. Aiming to portray an environment of solitude, calmness and creation, the composer and the video artist combine their expertise in an effort to submerge the listener into a new dimension of sound. The performance combining the synthesized and live sounds of the clarinet focuses on the creation of a surreal, synesthetic soundscape. The audience will be immersed in this virtual new environment that fuses the senses, acoustically and visually. The live clarinet performance component, explores the physical boundaries of the clarinet through improvisation, whilst the underlying fixed-media component transcends the physical limits into an enriched aural reality, deconstructing the sound and extending its possibilities. The audience is invited to experience the performance in multiple dimensions, within an immersive virtual environment of sound and real-time responsive image generation.


    Premiere of the project: 5 December 2016

    Archontiko Technon - Basement


    George Georgiou, clarinet

    Dr. Nasia Therapontos, sound synthesis

    Dr. Theodoros Christoudias, visual art